Below Are the Tools I Highly Recommend That You Use in Your Business.

*Some of these are affiliate links and I may make a commission if you purchase a program using one of these links. Thank you!

ConvertKit is my favorite email marketing tool so far (outside of Ontraport :)). First of all, it is NOT a list based program, which makes a lot easier to target your audience. It is simple, easy to use, but very powerful. It is more affordable than programs like Ontraport, but still has great capabilities. If you are ready to step up you gave with your email marketing tool, click here and sign up ConvertKit.

Bluehost is a website hosting company. I am a their customer since I started my business, and have only good thingsto say about them. First of all, I have had very few issues that I needed their help, and the few times I needed it, their customer service was outstanding. I have dealt with other hosting services for my clients, and Bluehost is still my favorite. If you are ready to sign up for Bluehost, click here.

Get contracts signed easily with HelloSign. There are other programs out there, but HelloSign is inexpensive and very easy to use if what you need is simply create a contract and send it for signature. And you can get a free account that allows you to send three signatures per month. By using this link, to create your free HelloSign account, both you and I will get and extra signature a month. Click here to sign up for a Free HelloSign account

Vimeo is a video manager similar to YouTube, but the difference is that you have a lot more control on the distribution of your videos. You can make videos private, turn off the download and share features, change your embed settings, and more.

AWeber is an autoresponder tool very popular among online business owners because it is more affordable and easy to use. It is easy to set up – you can quickly create lists, emails, and forms, and soon be up and running. It also integrates directly with PayPal, making selling your products really easy, and it has direct integrations with most third party programs.

With Deadline Funnel, you can add a timer to your sales page that adds an urgency to buy, and once that timer expires, that person will no longer see that promotion, but see a different page that you established to show once the promotion is up for that person. It is great to add to pages where on you promotional content, you are telling people that the promotion will expire after a certain number of days from the first time they view the page (from the date they enter the funnel). And it will.

Wishlist Member is a very popular membership plugin. For the most part, it will have the features you need. You can create a stand alone website or add the plugin to your current website. It integrates with most shopping carts and it makes selling courses really easy.

LastPass is a password manager tool that will make remembering your password real easy. It helps you create new logins, reset yoru password, share them securely with your team, and more.

Canva is a very popular tool to create images to post on social media or anywhere online. The free plan is great, put does not allow you to resize your images once you create them. Other than that, you most likely won’t need to upgrade to a paid plan. So far I haven’t. click here to sign up for Canva.