What is The Solopreneur Training Hub?

The Solopreneur Training Hub is a membership program where I’ll guide coaches on what programs they need to have in place and how to use them. I go straight to the point on the video tutorials – what I teach is what you need to know, but I also provide extra information if you want to dig deeper into the features of the programs. On the private Facebook group that is included in the program, you will be able to ask me questions for solid advice on the systems you should implement.

The program is designed for coaches who are just starting to do business online, or who have been doing business online for a while, but didn’t set the right systems or know how to use them well, and feel they need to have a good hold on the technical side of their business. Add your email and name below and join the waitlist.

I have created a path to success designed for coaches who are just starting their online business and do not have most of the necessary programs in place. I start with programs necessary to organize the business from the very start, like a password manager, project management, and how to document the processes you are establishing. Then, we move on to learning more about WordPress.org websites, choosing and implementing an email marketing tool (I will offer 3 different course options), setting up and learning to use LeadPages, choosing a payment gateway to get paid and how to use it, setup survey systems, all the way to managing a wishlist membership site.

For coaches who already have in place some of the programs I teach, and are running their online businesses for a little while, but who need to fix the holes in their systems or implement other programs they have been pushing out, they can go through the tutorials at their own pace and set their own goals.

Although it sounds very technical, my videos are all about cutting the noise and getting to the point. I too spent hours and hours watching videos on YouTube that kept teaching the same features of the programs, but not explaining how to do what I really needed as an online business owner. And how about teaching me what can go wrong with the program and how to fix those issues? I know how hard it is to find the right answers, and how amazing it is to simply have someone to ask the questions without spending hours trying to figure out on your own.

There will be video tutorials to watch about each program, a patch to success to track your progress, checklists, audio download, a private FB group to post questions, and bonus resources for you to learn other programs that you may want to implement for your business.

The Solopreneur is the fruit of my passion – teaching, and my other passion, helping coaches overcome the issues they encounter with programs they need to have in place when running their businesses online.

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