Who I am

FMB Virtual assistanceHi, I’m Fabi, the owner of FMB Virtual Assistance and creator of The Solopreneur Training Hub that will launch in January of 2018.

Contrary to most entrepreneurs who have worked in their industries for years and then left to become the owner of their own business, I became a virtual assistant by accident.

In December of 2014, I quit my job to be home with my premature little daughter.  By January of 2015, I couldn’t take on the idea of not generating money while home with my daughter, so I found out about the VA industry and dived right in. Bingo! I found my passion! They say that people switch careers two or three times to find what they really want to work with, and that happened to me. I finally found my cup of tea.

I was born and raised in Brazil in a Brazilian-Italian family. I have been working since I was 8 years old in my parents’ restaurant. We always struggled financially, even though my parents worked their tails off for a long 16 hours a day every day, but my parents always made sure my two sisters and I had plenty of fruit to eat and went to school every day.  My father was an entrepreneur his whole life and now runs his truck hauling business at the age of 72.

I ended up here in the USA because I was studying to be an English teacher and needed more experience with the language. That was more than 10 years ago when I left it all behind, including college, and moved to the US to live with a family I did not know to take care of someone else’s children. For a while, I struggled with finding my passion and to make a buck – I would babysit, clean houses, take any job I could to be able to finish college and make a living. After graduating from Temple University with a Language Arts degree, I got a job as an assistant. Six months later, I found myself as the Executive Assistant of that company, where I worked for over three years until I quit to be a stay-home mom.

I was very lucky to find a mentor in the early stages of building my VA business who became my client and still mentors me on the VA business. With her guidance, and by self-teaching myself the programs I needed to learn to be a VA, I now have a solid VA business with long-term loyal clients who know they can count on me every single day.

I am systematic; I need to dig deep and understand the programs; I need procedures in place; I need organization, and to check off tasks on my to do list. And I believe your business needs all that too. What a perfect combination! Click here and let’s connect.

Let’s Fulfill Our Dreams


When I started FMB Virtual Assistance in January of 2015, I had no idea how that would transform my life and allow me to fulfill my biggest dreams.

On June 13th of 2017, at 11:30 am, I stepped on the grounds of Machu Picchu, in Peru. That was one of my biggest dreams and definitely the number one wish on my bucket list.

I had an amazing 8 days-work-free trip with my two sisters and my niece while we traveled around Peru. I visited Lima, the beautiful Vale Sagrado de Los Incas, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, flew over the famous Nazca Lines, and ended my trip with a fun sand buggy ride in the Huacachina desert in Peru.

Aside from the fact that I can stay home with my daughter speaking Portuguese with her all the time so she can learn my mother tongue, the flexibility in time is amazing. Yes, I do work on weekends, and at night many times, but I can take on vacations more often because I am not stuck on only been able to take two weeks of vacation during the whole year. Which, if you have a child in daycare, most of your vacation days go to stay home with them when they’re sick, or because you are sick from catching whatever your children brought home.

And yes, money does play a big part when fulfilling our dreams. But when we look deep into why we are not fulfilling our deepest desires, lack of time is the number #1 reason why. Some of our dreams don’t even depend on money, but they do depend on time flexibility.

The reason why I was able to fulfill my dream and visit Machu Picchu was not that I had the money because the trip itself was not expensive, but because I could take the time to do it.

What are your dreams and how can I help you achieve them? Do you wish to have more time with your family? More time to take on new clients and get the money you want to go on vacation? Or build that addition for your office so you don’t have to work in the kitchen?

What could you do with an extra 10 or 20 hours a month? What would happen to your business if you used that time to work on your business and on activities that would increase your revenue considerably?

It looks like you actually can buy time after all.

Click here and let’s connect.