Should I Wait Until I Am Busy to Hire a VA?



You are so happy you took a new client! Your one-person business is thriving! Now, you will have to sacrifice Sundays. With the last client you took, you sacrificed Saturdays.


Looking on the bright side, you will still have from 9 pm to 6 am every day for yourself, though.


You start to wonder, “Should I outsource some of these tasks? Maybe I could use some time for myself, or for my family for a change”.


You actually have thought about it many times before, but you felt you were not busy enough to justify the expense.


Now you are so busy you just don’t have the time to pursue the idea.
It is never too late or too early to hire a VA, and you are the best person to judge if your business is healthy enough to pay for a VA.


On the other hand, the sooner (which means before you are supper busy) you make the decision to outsource, the more successful the experience will be for you and for your VA.


Or did you think you can simply throw all the tasks you wanted completed into an email and send to the just-hired virtual assistant, together with a welcome note and a good luck wish?


When I speak with small business start-ups, a common sentence I hear is that they foresee hiring a VA in a very near future when they get really busy.


On the flip side of it, a few times, established entrepreneurs who have hired me had to put me on hold for a while simply because they were too busy and din’t have the time to work with me – and they hired me the time they needed me the most.


The truth is simple: if you are a one-person business owner, you will probably need a VA sooner or later. However, the sooner you do it, the better will be for you, your business, and for the VA. 


Hiring a VA when you are not as busy will allow you to train her on your likes and dislikes, properly set up systems that you need for when you get busy, and give you the time to adapt to your VA. This article discusses three things you should definitely do before hiring your VA.


Here are a few other advantages of hiring a VA early in your business:


• You will have time to search for the perfect assistant as well as fire and hire a new one if you have to.
• A VA can help set up effective and efficient systems early in your business so you don’t have to set them up or switch systems later on the fly.
• You will have a lot more time to train the assistant, so things are done exactly how you want and you will reduce the margin of error.
• The assistant will learn about your business and customers right from the beginning – the more she knows about you and your customers, the more quality her work will be and the more tasks she can take on.
•  The VA will free up your time so you can focus on tasks that bring you revenue and only you can do them, hence getting you busy with the kind of ‘busyness’ that matters the most – the high income generating kind.


Again, there are many other advantages to hiring a VA when you are not busy, but you are the one to determine when it is the right time for you. From my experience, when you are very busy is definitely not the right time.


Fabi is a mother and a virtual assistant. She assists business owners with setting up systems to distribute their content online to build the know, like, and trust relationship with their audience and eventually generate more sales. Click here to contact Fabi.