Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant or Do it All Myself?



The major two reasons why more business owners don’t use a virtual assistant are because they think it will cost too much and because they think they can do all those tasks themselves and don’t see a reason to outsource if they know how to do them.


Here is an article that explains well how VA services can cost less than most people think. 


Below are my three reasons to hire a virtual assistant and stop trying to do everything yourself: 


1. Free up time to grow your business

What a lot of business owners don’t realize is that for them to grow their business, they need to free up their time by outsourcing tasks, so they can focus on improving their systems to support the growth, finding more clients, and taking care of the clients they have.


What most business owners choose to do is to spend their time on $10-$50 hour tasks while they could be spending their time on tasks that could generate $100 plus per hour. This is simple math.


2. Get the most of the programs and systems you have in place


The sales funnel process needs supporting tools to show results: website, landing page, email marketing tool, CRM, social media, advertising, etc.


Most business owners don’t have the time to learn all those programs well enough to make the most of them and fully understand the systems and learn the powerful tools they have in their hands that could be producing much better results if on the hands of an expert in those tools.


VA’s do take the time to know the tools well so they can better assist their clients and perform the tasks fast.


Hiring a VA follows the same principle as to why you hire an electrician to do the electrical work of your house, a mechanic to fix your car, a doctor to get you healthy, an accountant to do your taxes, etc. Well, at least I hope you are not trying to do all that yourself as well. 


3. You are investing in your business


Hiring a VA is usually seen as adding an expense to the business, but it should be seen as making an investment into your business.


This ties together numbers 1 and 2 above. The same way you invest in a new computer to make you more efficient, you are investing in a VA to free up your time, set up and improve systems, so you can grow and allow your business to flourish.


Normally, business owners stop looking at the amount spent and start seeing the value a VA brings to their business soon after they start working with the right VA.


Once they start working with the right VA, very few business owners can picture themselves firing the VA and doing everything themselves as they used to.


And once you hire your VA, don’t be surprised if you find yourself asking the question: “Why did it take me so long to hire my VA?”.