10 Handy Online Free Tools for Business Owners


As a VA and a business owner, I feel so overwhelmed with all the tools available to me. For my clients, I need to be aware they exist and know how to use most of them. Besides, the online tools normally require to create an account (and have one more password to remember).


On the other hand, I frequently catch myself doing something manually because I’m unaware there’s an online tool that could help me.


Here’s a collection of some free websites that, although seem silly at first, can be very handy and don’t require a login nor a download:


1. www.lipsum.com: This is great for you to add dummy text to templates you create.


2. Throwawaymail.com: This tool is awesome! If you are designing a tutorial of a program that needs email addresses like MailChimp, for example, you can grab a bunch of dummy emails from this website and plug in there.


Better yet, if you’re testing a program or a website and don’t want to provide your email address, you can use one email from this tool and you’ll see in the throwawaymail.com home page any test email sent to that address. You don’t have to sing up to anything, it’s all done in the main page of the website.


3. http://whatwpthemeisthat.com: Have you ever stumbled upon a WordPress website and wondered what theme that is so you can use the same one in your website? You can answer that question in seconds by just entering the URL of the website into this tool. You’ll also get a list of plugins used in that website as well.


4. http://www.twitter-character-counter.com/:  Use this tool to know the number of characters while writing your tweet.


5. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/: Google Speed Insights is excellent to know how fast your website is uploading. It also gives you great information on what you need to fix to improve the speed of your website.


6. http://www.webpagefx.com/web-design/hex-to-rgb/: This tool converts RGB codes to Hex and vice and versa.


7. https://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/: If you stumble upon a font you like, this tool will give you the name of that font.


8. http://www.titlecapitalization.com: This tool is great if you’re never sure which words you should and should not capitalize in your title. Just write your blog or article title in the tool and it’ll do it for you.


9. https://strongpasswordgenerator.com: We all know we should create strong passwords for all of our logins. Save time and have this tool create random strong passwords for your.


10. https://mailboxlocate.com/: This one pretty much explains itself. It finds the nearest USPS mailbox from you.



Fabi is a mother and a virtual assistant. She assists business owners with setting up systems to distribute their content online to build the know, like, and trust relationship with their audience and eventually generate more sales. Click here to contact Fabi.